About Me

Meu pai querido

Photography is my passion. I believe that life is a collection of moments that only happen once.  By capturing these moments we can keep them forever.  The photos help bring you back to that time, that feeling, that moment.

I used to enjoy travel photography, bringing pieces of other countries home with me through photography made the experience live on.  However, places don’t touch your heart the same way that people do. This became clear to me after my father passed away.  The images of us together is like traveling back in time.  He is no longer here with me but I have captured precious moments of us together through photography.  It is through photography that my children will know their grandfather, and it is through photography that we can freeze these moments in time for you.

I really enjoy being involved and capturing many stages of the family, from the pregnancy, to the birth (yes even the birth), to the newborn, and family shots.  These stages create a story that is so important and shouldn’t be missed.

In order to really Capture the Moment I like my sessions to be natural and relaxed.  Kids should play and have fun. I like to be there to get the shots when you’re laughing and being yourself, trapping these moments in history.

We can be sure that time will not slow down for anyone we are all getting older every day. The only way to make time stop is to do it with a camera.


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