Photoshoot Locations

When new clients call me to discuss their up coming photoshoot one of the most obvious questions is “Where do you want to have your Photoshoot?” Although the question is simple the answer rarely is.



The Beach

Living on the beautiful Gold Coast many of my clients want to have their photoshoot on one of our amazing beaches. For those of us that have grown up on the beach this is a clear choice.

Early morning and late afternoon shots on the beach are amazing and for many of us it goes hand in hand with our own personalities and lifestyles, the choice is clear.





The Park

Local parks and green space make for a fantastic backdrop that is timeless and quintessential to the “Family Photoshoot”. Having a day with lots of sunlight breaking through the trees adds depth and power to photos. This is the choice of many of us that really want a lasting memory without feeling dated.

Being barefoot in a park can really make you appreciate nature and the connection to your family/partner. I have a few favourite spots around the coast that are secluded and beautiful.




The Studio

Getting pictures done in the studio is a great option for maternity shoots and newborns (not that they have much choice). In the studio I can control the light, the backdrops (white on black or black on white, actually I have a bunch of different colours but those are the most popular). The other good thing about the studio is it doesn’t matter what the weather is doing. I have done a few beautiful studio sessions while the weather outside would not have permitted.

The other good thing about the studio photoshoots is it is much easier to go through a number of different wardrobe changes, lighting, and backdrop changes to get a number of different “Looks”.


Can’t Decide

I have a few spots along the Gold Coast that I use when people can’t decide. There are some beautiful little parks close to the beach that I have found and can provide a Beach and Park photoshoot at the same time.

However, if you really can’t decide and want a studio photoshoot as well, we would have to schedule a studio photoshoot at a separate time. If you do want to do this you can complete the Photoshoot Tri-Factor and get a memory from each of these locations and those memories will be forever.