Family Sessions

Life is always busy with a young family, and we are often being pulled in every direction.  As with many of us in Australia we are constantly trying to balance work, family and life.  In the flux time is flying by and if we don’t take the time to appreciate it, years have passed.  It is important to take a minute to stop and appreciate what we have and how precious family can be.  Booking a family photography session can allow you to capture these moments.

{ What is the best time? }

The best time to schedule a family session is when your child is less than one, or if  they are older than three, or when you child is between one and three. Basically any time is a good time, your child/children will be able to play and we can take some action shots of them having fun.

{ How long in advance should I book? }

These types of shoots are typically on the weekends when both parents and children are available.  This is not a problem at all but weekends do get booked up quickly so if you know that you are going to be available at any time please give me lots of advanced notice so I will be able to book you in.

{ What should I wear? }

Where what is comfortable.  If we are going to a park where something that is appropriate for a park.  If we are going to the beach where something that is appropriate for the beach. Make sure that you have at least a single change of clothes for your child/children as no doubt they will get dirty as they are having fun.

Remember we want to create simple classic portraits that will last forever!

{ Location }

I really like to shoot with natural light when I can.  Here on the Gold Coast we are very lucky as we have access to many beautiful beaches, trails, parks and even the hinterland.  If you have a special place that means something to you or if you would like some suggestions we can find a location that will suit your pictures.

{ Props }

Kids often have favourite toys or favourite things to do. If your child/children really love to do something or play with something bring it along and maybe we can incorporate it into your session.

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