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    Welcome to my website. I am a Photographer for Maternity, Newborns and Families on the Gold Coast. Here you will find some samples of my work, as well as joining my social networks where I regularly update my latest projects. If you are interested in booking a session with me or you would like more information please fill in the form on the Contact Me page and I will get back to you quickly.

    I am starting to blog about my experiences as a photographer and some of the new things that are happening in the industry, as I learn and keep growing. We are all learning and enjoying new experiences everyday and it is important that we appreciate these lessons.  Once I get a few blogs together I will start posting them on this site so keep coming back to take a look.

    I really love sharing my work and I hope you enjoy it as well.



    About Me

    Meu pai querido

    Photography is my passion. I believe that life is a collection of moments that only happen once.  By capturing these moments we can keep them forever.  The photos help bring you back to that time, that feeling, that moment.

    I used to enjoy travel photography, bringing pieces of other countries home with me through photography made the experience live on.  However, places don’t touch your heart the same way that people do. This became clear to me after my father passed away.  The images of us together is like traveling back in time.  He is no longer here with me but I have captured precious moments of us together through photography.  It is through photography that my children will know their grandfather, and it is through photography that we can freeze these moments in time for you.

    I really enjoy being involved and capturing many stages of the family, from the pregnancy, to the birth (yes even the birth), to the newborn, and family shots.  These stages create a story that is so important and shouldn’t be missed.

    In order to really Capture the Moment I like my sessions to be natural and relaxed.  Kids should play and have fun. I like to be there to get the shots when you’re laughing and being yourself, trapping these moments in history.

    We can be sure that time will not slow down for anyone we are all getting older every day. The only way to make time stop is to do it with a camera.


    Session Information

    Being prepared for your Maternity, Newborn, or Family Photo shoot is important to get the most out of your session.  After doing a number photo shoots and doing my own research I have developed some best practices that make the photo shoot sessions go more smoothly.  These are particularly important for Maternity Photography and Newborn Photography.

    To get more detailed information about your session and what to expect click on the type of session that you are interested in and find out more.






    Would you like to get a Canvas Print of one of the photo’s from your session.  I have made a deal with a supplier to provide quality prints at competitive prices. I also have some sample canvasses at my studio for you to check out.


    • 30cm x 40cm
    • Cotton or Polyester
    • Perfect for a small room

    Medium 1
    • 45cm x 60cm
    • Cotton or Polyester
    • Perfect for a bedroom

    Medium 2
    • 50cm x 75cm
    • Cotton or Polyester
    • Stretched on a wooden frame

    • 60cm x 90cm
    • Cotton or Polyester
    • This is a big Canvas

    Extra Large
    • 75cm x 100cm
    • Cotton or Polyester
    • Great for a feature Wall




    Thank You

    Believe Thailand copy

    Dear Clients,

    I would like to take this opportunity to say Thank You to all of the people that I have worked with over the last few months. I have really enjoyed working with all of you and sharing special moments with you.  Whether it is a couple hours of your pregnancy, or a few hours with your newborn I realise that this time is precious.

    I also enjoy working with families and I love it when you allow me to be part of your family during our photo sessions. The time I am able to spend with yourselves and with your children is to be cherished and I don’t take my involvement in documenting these stages of their lives lightly.

    Without you I would not be able to do what I love and for that I am thankful.

    Thank you for your time and your patience.

    Ana Thatcher



    Contact Me

    If you do want to book in a session with me or if you would like to arrange a time to meet at the studio on the Gold Coast we can talk about how we might be able to get the most out of a photography session, fill in your details below and let me know how I can help.  I look forward to hearing from you and providing some great photos.

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