This stage of your life is beautiful, you are carrying a baby and that little one is growing and developing so quickly.  We know about the cramps and the bloating and the general ugh feeling that you get while you are pregnant, but let’s face it we are creating a little miracle and the time is so precious.

It is my job as your photographer to express how beautiful you actually are.  

Your belly, your curve, your glow!


The best time to schedule your pregnancy session is around the 28-34 week period.  Typically your belly is very round and beautiful at this time.  However, this will differ with each woman and those that are carrying small may want to wait until 36-38 weeks, and those that have grown earlier 28-32 weeks should yield excellent results.


It is best to schedule at least one or two weeks in advance.  However, I try to leave room in the schedule for expecting mums that have left it too late.  If you are about to pop and really want to get a session in before the big day, give me a call and I will fit you in somewhere.


I have teamed up with a local seamstress and we are making some maternity clothes under the label “Blooming” designed just for photo sessions.  You won’t find these clothes at your local, Myer or Boutique, these clothes are designed to show off your belly and make you feel fantastic (as well as looking great for the camera).  If you have something that you would like to wear bring it along, if not I have a number of different items that you are welcome to use and they will make you look great.  Don’t worry about going to the shopping mall and just relax.For the men simple solid colours are best.  We want them to be very comfortable as well.  Light patterns or textures are ok as well.We want to create simple classic portraits that will last forever!


I really like to shoot with natural light when I can.  Here on the Gold Coast we are very lucky as we have access to many beautiful beaches, trails, parks and even the hinterland.  If you have a special place that means something to you or if you would like some suggestions we can find a location that will suit your pictures.