We all know that time moves so quickly, and if we don’t take the time to appreciate each moment it will pass, and then the next moment will pass, and if we aren’t careful we can miss some really important time. This is never more true then when you have a newborn.  

They grow and develop incredibly quickly, yet at the same time your life has also become a lot more complicated looking after a newborn with little or no sleep.


The best time to schedule your newborn session is around the 7-14 day mark. I prefer to get a time in the schedule during your pregnancy that is a week or so after your due date or expected C-Section. If these dates have to be rescheduled because the baby was either late or early we always make time for these sessions. The babies weight is very important during these shoots so if you do have a small baby 2.25-3kg (5-6lbs) we may want to push the date out to the 12-14 day range. If the baby is large 3.75kg + (7.5lbs+) we may move the date up and get them in the 5-12 day range. Of course we are sensitive to mothers recovery time as well and if you can call just prior to the birth or shortly after I will be able to adjust the schedule to suit.


We schedule the session for 3 hours plus or minus a half hour depending on how comfortable the baby is. This allows time for feeding and changing, as well as taking lots of great pictures. If I have learnt anything from doing newborn shoots it is that newborns have their own schedules and we have to work with them not the other way around.


We ask that our mum’s feed the baby when they arrive at the studio. This helps the baby relax in the new environment and allows us to chat a bit about what we are going to be doing. As soon as the baby is finished feeding we can wrap them in their first wrap and start shooting while they are digesting and comfortable after a feed.


The studio is stocked with plenty of blankets, wraps, headbands, and baskets to create that perfect look for your shoot. We have a selection for both little boys and little girls and we can go through a few different changes during the session to make sure we get some different pictures and unique shots.