Puppies As Art

I love dogs! I really love puppies! and these little guys were so unbelievably cute.

What do you do when a friend is getting a new puppy? You offer to do a “Newborn” puppy photoshoot for them. What could be cuter than getting a few puppies in the studio and taking a couple photos to capture a fleeting moment before these pups become dogs, and their curious squeaks become knowing barks.

Puppies as Art - Cute

Having never done a puppy photoshoot before I thought I would approach it in the same way as I did a newborn photoshoot, I mean how different are puppies to newborns? It actually turns out they aren’t that different. With my newborns I make sure the Mums feed them as soon as they arrive at my studio and shortly after their babies are sleeping. Well I did the same thing with the puppies and shortly after a feed they were sleeping (like a baby) and I was ready to get to work.

(Here is a video from the Photoshoot)

Sleep Puppies Make Light Work

Once we had a couple of sleepy pups on our hands it was fun to put them in different positions and get them in cute baskets. They don’t sleep as soundly as a newborn but they certainly go down long enough to get some great material.


After this experience with these puppies I am now very open to doing it again and getting puppies back into my studio. These little guys have a way of getting straight into your heart and making you want to get one. It was so much fun and I look forward to adding puppy photography to my ongoing list of skills on my resume. I will certainly be doing more puppy photography on the Gold Coast in the near future.

Call me to Book a Puppy Photoshoot

If you would like to book in your puppy for a photo shoot please contact me here through my website or on any of my social channels, I look forward to working with you and pups.